Warranty Stopper Section

The Radiator Express Limited Lifetime Warranty applies only to failures caused by defects in material or workmanship. All other caused damages are excluded from this warranty. Below you will find examples of common warranty:

radiator repair

REPAIRS- All repairs that affect the stability of the original replacement void the Radiator Express warranty policy

radiator threads

STRIPPED THREADS- Stripped threads for the transmission and oil coolers, drain cocks, and any temperature sensors present on the replacement radiator void the Radiator Express warranty policy. To avoid a leaking pet-cock, do not drain from this valve. Use your lower hose connection as this threading is very soft.. These valves come sealed tightly from the manufacturer. It is best to leave them sealed.


radiator coolants

IMPROPER COOLANTS- Use of vehicle coolants other than those recommended by the vehicle vendor for your radiator void the Radiator Express warranty policy.



cracked radiator

WEAR & TEAR DAMAGES- Damages and normal overheating and other failures to the radiator that are not directly factory related are not covered by the limited lifetime warranty. This includes but is not limited to cracks in plastic tanks (plastic is pressure molded - only force can crack it), rusted cores and fins, broken petcock valves, busted radiator tubes and electrolysis.


damaged radiator

PHYSICAL DAMAGES- Any and all damages caused by improper treatment, misuse, collision, shipping*, and accident void the Radiator Express warranty policy.. *Refer to our warranty page for information on shipping damages.


commercial radiator use

COMMERCIAL USE- Any vehicle used for commercial purposes comes with a 1 year Radiator Express limited lifetime warranty.


radiator tank

BLOWN TANKS- Faulty engine conditions and or cap can cause blows in the radiator tank, which are void under the Radiator Express warranty policy.


radiator installation

IMPROPER INSTALLATION- All damages resulting from mishandle, abuse, and negligence during the radiator installation process voids the Radiator Express warranty policy.


Radiator Corrosion

EXTERNAL CORROSION - damage caused by external corrosion (i.e. salt air corrosion from coastal areas) void the Radiator Express warranty policy.


Radiator Damage

PHYSICAL OR CHEMICAL PROPERTIES- Any damages caused by elements used in the radiator such as water, steam, and liquids void the Radiator Express warranty policy.

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